Helping Cattle and Land with their Recovery

Testimonial for Mount Pleasant and Henry Townsend’s Nguni Cattle.
I asked Cathy and Eric to do a plan on a property where my Nguni cattle were being agisted in North Queensland. There was an outbreak of Pesti Virus with my cattle and also with the cattle that were on the Property where my cattle were being agisted. The virus affected all our calving rates.

After the plan had been completed, it took about 12-18 months for the cattle to recover. The pregnancy percentages have increased again to pre-Pesti Virus days. The cattle look well on what could be called marginal country and maintain their condition without supplements.

However, the land seemed to recover earlier. We noticed the pasture growth had improved in both introduced and native species, native wildlife returned to the area and the general health of the land recovered quite quickly.

Henry Townsend
6 December 2022

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