Stock Weaning

Weaning babies and supporting mum after weaning are vital for the emotional health of both. After weaning, babies will go into a state of grief and often don’t eat or drink for many days. This has many different effects on their health including weight loss, failure to thrive and an increased susceptibility to parasites and infection.

The best results are achieved by separating mum and baby/ies for a period to allow them to feel this emotional stress/grief state. Then give one dose at this point to both mother and baby and then again the following day if you feel it’s necessary.

Give your stock the best chance after weaning with the Heal with Ease Weaning Remedy.


At Deepwater Station we have been using Heal with Ease as our primary animal health consultants for many years with great success. We have found their products particularly useful at weaning time for both sheep and cattle.

Using their weaning protocol as part of our overall protocol we find the calves calm down faster with less stress, they leave the yards in better condition and don’t seem to get as many of the coughs, colds and other infections they often get after weaning.

The protocol is easy to administer, and very cost-effective and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve the health of their calves during and post-weaning.

From Scott M, Deepwater Station, Deepwater.

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