Aphids Remedy

This remedy is helpful in repelling aphids, acacia spotting bugs, apple leaf hoppers, blister mites, two-spotted mites, slugs, snails, budworms, citrus mites, elephant weevils, dried fruit beetles, houseflies, stable flies, blow flies and red spider mites.

May also be of help after pruning (fresh wounds), excessive flow of sap, excessive thirst in plants, issues with assimilating nutrients, and capillary congestion. Pale straggly looking plants, with many eruptions. Tan spots, blotches, bacterial blights, rust, barley yellow dwarf virus, banana thrips, excessive wilting with no improvement from watering, pale striping from manganese deficiency, grey speck, mildew, die back, premature flowering, aids in germination, transplant shock, retarded growth, effects of cold rainy weather.

Supports plants after sunstroke, windburn and effects of cold, rainy weather.

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