Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Healing is Suitable For All Farms

Quantum healing is suitable for all properties – farming, stock, small acreage and even house blocks.  If you want your property to be functioning to potential.  They will clear the load/issues and improve the overall health of soil and plants.

What is a Quantum Healing Plan?

With a Quantum healing plan we identify what load/ issues your property is hiding ie. Chemical exposure, bacterias, viruses, parasites, non-beneficial molds – fungi, etc. The testing also shows us where natural functions are disturbed.

Once identified we use specific energy remedies to work on clearing the issues.

What Happens When I Book a Healing Plan?

After your initial contact with us we get you to send us a photo of your property or the portion of it you want us to work on.  Large properties need to be broken down into similar management practices, e.g. grazing, farming, etc, for best results.  This is open to discussion.  Aerial photos are best.

We test through a extensive list issues to identify what is going on with your property.

We research all the issues that come up and provide you with an emailed report of our findings.

To get the best possible results we do recommend you follow through with indicated plans.  Maintenance plans are recommended every 5-6 months to keep on top of the load.

Explore our range of Healing Plans by clicking here.

What Happens When the Plans Finish?

We will contact you when we’ve finished running the healing plan.  Property healing plans are run over 9 days.  We’ll check in to see how everything is going at your end and if you are ready for the next plan to start.

We hope this answers your questions but if you have any additional questions, please contact us.