Peace and Serenity for a Property at Last

I was in my fifth year of trying to make my small regenerative farm work and by that fifth summer, I was convinced that I was cursed or there was something that didn’t want my farm to succeed.

Last summer in particular was the worst yet… cows either didn’t get pregnant or their calves died. I had none survive. I lost two rams and my favorite ewe and her lambs. Trees that I planted each year wouldn’t grow. Everything was a struggle with the land and animals.

Last year in the fall, my husband and I purchased two acres of land that connected to the end of our property. Whenever I was on those two acres, there was such a different feeling – a wonderful sense of calm and peace. It was just a lovely “ahhh” whenever I was there. When I would go back to our place, the feeling was gone. As an empath, I am able to feel energy easier than others.

I decided it was time to try a property healing plan.

Our place required six plans. It was quite a spiritual experience to see what came up with each plan. There were a lot of negativities of all kinds and traumas attached to the property. Even after the first plan, I felt a lightness in our place.

My six plans are finished and when I’m out doing chores and standing in the field, it feels so calm and serene. It makes me smile.

I’m looking forward to this new year to see what abundance will be created now that the heavy negative loads and traumas have been lifted. I am so appreciative of what Heal with Ease can do!

Farm in Indiana, USA

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