Quantum Healing For Properties

Our Quantum Healing plans are about identifying the hidden load/issues that the property is carrying. Once identified we can then start making changes, this will help to restore balance to your soil and stock.

  • The load will be a combination of :
  • Chemicals
  • Detrimental Fungus and Molds
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Toxins
  • Physical Traumas
  • Emotional Traumas

Healing plans are all about restoring health so you can maximize your results.

No matter what the current situation is with your property; whether it is working or not working. There will be a combination of things that are causing slow responses to change.  It will never be just one thing and every property is an individual which needs individual assessment and treatment.

Our work is about healing the system, it’s a new way of looking at stock and soil health. Over the years we have seen some amazing changes in properties and stock just by looking at health in a different way, our processes are all about correcting energies to stimulate change. Anyone who is willing to give this form of healing a go will be both surprised and intrigued as we identify and clear the load.  We are here to answer questions along the way,  as we guide you through the changes.

Quantum Healing –  Allow us to treat your property distantly?

All the remedies we use in our healing are energy or vibrational remedies. We also include the vibrational antidotes of bacteria’s, chemicals and so much more. The remedies are vibrational and the photo is all we need to treat your land, using our instrument we treat your property directly.

We find distance healing is very effective and allows us to treat your whole property.

As Reiki Masters, we have an understanding of sending energy healing distantly so it really wasn’t that much of a stretch to think that we could send the remedies distantly. Our question was what vehicle could we send the remedy through. In Reiki we use a proxy, often a stuffed toy, to stand in for the absent person/animal. An emergency situation with a clients’ horses led us to try transfer of remedies via a photo through our remedy instrument. To read more about that event click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions About Healing Plans and our Pondering of Distance Healing plans for properties click appropriate links.

To discuss the best way we can help you with your farm, property and stock, give us a call on 0427 696 668.


Sometimes issues that are human/animal-related come up when testing and treating properties.  We have to consider the land as a living organism when trying to understand how these things can be relevant to our soil and plants.