Ponderings about Quantum Healing Plans for Properties

Quantum Healing will help you to make more informed decisions to move forward.


Chemicals are tested quite extensively on animals for results and how long it takes for it to be at a safe level for animals to be slaughtered (ESI – Estimated Slaughter Intervals).  This is what we use as a rule for how long after treatment until they can be sold for slaughter.

Here are a couple of questions that I have:

Are they tested to see what effect the chemicals have on soil microbes and soil life?

Do they have an effect on minerals in the soil and if so, what are they?

I have noted soil health and well being effected in a paddock 3 days after the stock was treated with Zolvix Sheep Drench.  We have also seen several sheep chemicals come up as limiting factors in paddock health several years after use.

We test for all these things when testing a quantum healing plan – our chemical list is very extensive.  Just because a chemical hasn’t been used for a long time doesn’t mean it’s not affecting soil health years later.


In another case, we saw silica come up in a property healing plan, but it wasn’t the normal soil silica, it was eye silica that is produced in the body.  We never assume to know what is going on, we prefer to test and be open to the answers.

Energy remedies

When treating with energy remedies the results can be profound if the remedy selection is correct.  The other side of this is if the remedy is wrong.  If the remedy selection is incorrect it just won’t do anything.  No negative effect will be created.

There are 2 ways to choose remedies.  One is to analyse and work with the knowledge you have and can scrape ups. The other way is to assume nothing and ask everything to find the perfect remedy.  The trick then is to be open enough to what comes up in the testing.  Accept in the fact that soil is a living entity and with the knowledge that all living things are just different frequencies of energy.  We are trying to balance energies to help everything to function in a healthy pattern.

The Round-Up Effect

Dr Don Huber has done years of research into the effects of Round-up on the soil.  What he found was that Round up lowers the immune system and disrupts the ability to absorb minerals and nutrients.  Obviously, this has a great effect on plants but it also affects soil and other forms of life – animals and human included.

If you don’t believe that Round-up destroys soil health, then have a look around house and fence lines that have been continually sprayed to keep the grass down.  What do you see?  You will see the soil is actually bare with no life at all.  The soil will often look concave and compact.  Dr Huber also tells us that Round-up has a half-life in the soil of 20 years.

I know Round-up is only one of the many herbicides used over the years.  Every chemical – herbicide or insecticide will leave some effect on the soil, plants, animals and humans around it.  What we don’t know is the effects of these chemicals into the future.


On another side, we have been seeing the results of constant fertilising using urea and superphosphates, etc.  Yes initially you will see quite a boost in production but after a while, you will see a gradual decline and the need to put bigger and bigger rates on to get an effect.  The first burst comes from the burning of organic matter in the soil.

It is possible to work with this and set up a more sustainable grazing/cropping system but if you continue with a set stocking/cropping system you are heading for a downward spiral.  This has been happening for quite some time in the older, more established areas of Australia.

Bio-Dynamic and Radionics

Bio-dynamic and radionic treatment of soil can help with the turn around of this decline.  They both have very important roles to play in the improvement of health in our farming systems.

 Quantum Healing Plans

We’ve found the trick to quick and effective healing of properties through our healing plan process, it’s to have an extensive testing list and to never assume to know what is the main cause behind what is going on.  It’s always the combination of many things, never just one.  Our idea is to heal before you feed.  This has proven successful in improving the health of both soil and stock substantially, with very little effort.

What we do is quite foreign to most people and can be confronting.  Take your time, ask us questions and do lots of research.  There is a need to change direction in farming and it needs to happen sooner rather than later.


You can trust that we know what we are doing, get started with your healing plans and learn as you go along.  Everything takes time so the sooner you start on your journey of change the better.  Your journey will begin with your decision to change – your mindset, your actions and your plans to make things better.

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