Our work with Farmers

Since 2011 we have been working with a farmer at Deepwater in NSW to maintain the health of his family and all of his stock. More recently we added a natural farming program to heal his paddocks which has created a major difference in the overall health, fertility and production of his farm.

Natural farming

I still remember when this farmer first contacted us in 2011. It was a phone call out of the blue asking if I could stop his sheep from dying. At that stage, he had lost 500 lambs from that year’s production. He had called in all his specialists and run tests but nobody could tell him what was going on and no chemical treatments were stopping the deaths. I asked him to send me a photo of the lambs and give me an hour. I had found the problem within 10 minutes and called him straight back.

The lambs had Helicobacter pylori bacteria which causes stomach ulceration and is fatal if not cleared. He drove up from Deepwater to Rathdowney, where we were living at the time to pick up remedies for his lambs. As he walked out our door, he turned back and said, “will this work, even if I don’t believe?” I said, “of course”.

He went home and gently brought all his sheep into the yards and treated each one with 2-3 drops of the vibrational remedy for Helicobacter pylori. He didn’t lose another lamb. However, it did take us a few weeks to heal the damage caused by the bacteria and restore health.

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Muscle Testing

In 2009 we met Peter Esdaile from Warwick in Qld. He is an innate healer and he taught us about muscle testing. Our immediate thought was, what if we combined the energy remedies and other remedies with the muscle testing. Could we effectively douse/muscle test the best remedy for natural farming? Of course, we were onto it. And the results were incredible.

Nowadays we can take a photo of a bull, a dog, a mob of sheep or a block of land and muscle test exactly which remedies the body requires to bring around good health. This includes the current status of health at the time of testing as well as a combination of inherited load, plus accumulated load and the damage the load has caused to the internal functions of the body. When I talk of load I’m talking about bacteria, viruses, chemical and toxin exposure, emotional and physical trauma.

With this method and other methods of testing, we can identify the load and the internal disturbances then work to clear and heal them one by one. Helping the body back to good health.

Energy remedies for Natural Farming

Energy remedies are an allowable input for organic farms; this has allowed us to help conventional farms transition to organic beef production. Our processes of clearing and healing aids in improving herd fertility and preventing genetic defects, our holistic approach means we also work on clearing chemicals and bacteria out of the paddocks and stimulating to create good pasture. It’s the big picture to achieve long term health and production with stock animals and properties. We also work with a few dairies on a regular basis to keep their cows free of bacteria which is proving to be working really well.

Energy remedies are great for any size farm but they are a particularly valuable asset to small properties or hobby farms, this is particularly beneficial where there are limited volumes of chemical treatments. Rather than purchasing large amounts of chemical to treat just a few animals or not treating your stock at all, the natural farming remedies produced by Heal with Ease are cost-effective. This is due to the long shelf life and ability to treat your stock at the first signs of illness (or to maintain good health); being proactive rather than reactive. There are no withholding periods with these natural remedies as they work by creating vibration changes within the animal to activate healing. In many cases they are more efficient than chemical treatments and have a broader sphere of healing, being able to work on healing at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

How we can help you with your natural farming?

We have a variety of sizing and application options available for all Heal with Ease remedies with one bottle holding up to 300 doses for just $50 plus postage.

If you would like to work more holistically with your stock animals and property using natural farming methods, give us a call and we can chat about how best we can help you.

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Eric and Catherine Tighe

Heal with Ease