Organic Farmers

“It’s not until we embrace all aspects of Health & Healing that we can move forward”

– Eric Tighe, Heal with Ease

The interest is growing in Organic farming systems. Both better food quality and to leave our farm or environment in a better state than when we took over. After all, we are only guardians for such a short period in the scheme of things. For years I have watch people trying to transition to a more organic sustainable system.

In the early days, the process had a lot of traps for new farmers who were unaware of what is involved. This process is a lot easier if the person who is transitioning to organics has a good base in traditional farming and has seen the pitfalls with it. This is usually the trigger for the conversion to organic. They may also want to do things differently and more sustainably. Most of these people are looking for a mid-range position at the start while they take what their knowledge and look for ways of dealing with problems as they present.

In some cases, it takes years to just get your head around the different ways of thinking and how we perceive problems in both our soils and livestock. We have been told that a lot of our problems can be fixed by fixing our soils. This is true but it is also a long term project, most times we have to change grazing practices and this quite often means a period of planning to start with, and then quite a bit of fencing needs to be done. Now, this is not new to a lot of producers and has been happening for quite some time. With any changes come other problems or perceived problems that at the time are quite often not as big as we make them out to be. It is just a matter of finding the right information or person and working through the process.

The big thing for me is maintaining animal health and production, as we move forward with the changes in what we are doing. After all, it is what we produce that pays our bills. In the early stages, we might have to take some production cuts as our soils and pastures start to improve. It is always good to minimize these losses.

Energy Remedies are an allowable input for Certified Organic Farmers.

What we can offer is cost-effective options for the day to day problems that come up. Then we can start to deal with some of the long term problems that have been slowly adding to the demise of good animal health and our reliance on chemicals.

I have spent many years helping farm owners structure their grazing programs so they work efficiently. In such a way that would naturally require less chemical input. I have also helped them achieve and maintain stock health using energy remedies.

Natural Energy Remedies stored in alcohol are allowable inputs in Certified Organic Systems. For more information visit the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Website.

If you are considering going organic or struggling to maintain stock health in your organic system then drop us a line and we can discuss how best to help you.

We also have the skills to help you with organic fruit and vegetable production. Energy remedies work on any living structures including trees, vegetable crops and paddocks. We are currently running paddock improvement trials with one of our clients in NSW. We will update this page when we get the test results back.

See how a distance healing plan could work for your herd/mob or property.