De-Worming Sheep Naturally Via Monthly Worming Program

Eric has been treating our sheep for worms for about 12 months and we have had wonderful results.

Wethers and ewes were drenched in May 2023 with Rametin Duocare plus Cydectin LA Injectible. We did egg counts on the wethers in August and the epg (eggs per gram) was average 30. Egg counts were done again in December and the epg was 12. There has been no drench on the wethers since, so that is 8 months.

The egg counts on the ewes in July were epg average 6. Drenched the ewes on the 1st of August, pre-lambing with Rametin mix. We drenched only ewes at lamb marking with Abemec Dual. On the 18th of December, the epg on the crossbred lambs was 118 epg, so I didn’t drench. Will be weaning the lambs tomorrow 23rd January so will drench with Startec. The ewes and lambs look healthy but haven’t done any counts.

I hope this is helpful and many thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Les Fletcher

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