Healing Ray the Lamb

This testimonial is from one of our existing clients who took it into her heart to care for this dear little lamb called Ray. When someone is so passionate about saving a little animal like Ray we are there for them and pray that a good outcome is achieved. In every occasion like this we gain learnings – whether that miracles are possible, that others are compassionate to your plight, maybe even that not all animals can be saved, maybe something else.

This is about Ray the Lamb from Narelle F., Nth NSW.

Towards the end of September one of our Suffolk sheep delivered what seemed to be a healthy lamb and the mother was left to “do her thing” with the licking/bonding and getting lamb on its feet. An hour later it was discovered the lamb had extreme breathing problems. We consulted a vet who assured us the problem was not pneumonia, but gave us preventative medication. At times Lamb’s breathing was improved, but within five minutes he would be heaving from his poor little flanks to his open mouth.

I consulted Cathy re possible homeopathy treatment that she could recommend, knowing that the symptoms I described were obscure. Cathy showed genuine empathy and concern for the little lamb, but also for my own emotional turmoil in attempting to help the lamb breathe. Cathy instructed me on which of my homeopathy remedies to use and was happy for me to consult with her morning and night on progress being made. After seven days good progress had been made – though there were still relapses. At fourteen days Lamb was putting on weight and relapses were small. By twenty days I was able to tell Cathy that Lamb was completely well and was “leader of the gang” of other lambs.

I was not only impressed with Cathy’s professionalism and skill as a homeopath, but just as much, the genuine heart-warming feeling she demonstrated in assisting me to care for the lamb to a rewarding outcome. Cathy had no hesitation in interrupting her busy life to help. Ray Lamb (three months old) is pictured with his mother.

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