The beginning of energy remedies on farm

Farming Naturally

“On Deepwater Station we have been using Heal with Ease as our primary animal health consultants for many years with great success. We have found their products particularly useful at weaning time for both sheep and cattle. Using their calf weaning protocol as part of our overall protocol we find the calves calm down faster with less stress, they leave the yards in better condition and don’t seem to get as many of the coughs, colds and other infections they often get after weaning.

The protocol is easy to administer, very cost effective and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve the health of their calves during and post weaning.”

Scott Macansh, Deepwater Station, Deepwater.

What does Heal with Ease offer farmers?

Energy remedies can help on farm, day to day and in emergencies.

We came across energy remedies in the form of homeopathic medicine in 1998 after the birth of our first son. His traumatic birth resulted in health issues for him and for me. Homeopathic medicine helped us resolve all these issues plus much more without the need for medication.

Our Homeopath at the time didn’t have any experience in using remedies on animals but encouraged us to pursue this further. We have been breeding working dogs for several years and over this time we have had sheep and cattle of our own while Eric also managed large stock properties in NSW and Qld.

We started simple. As issues would come up with our dogs we would look in depth at the remedies we had on hand to see how we could manage the problem without rushing to the vet. This proved very easy and the results were quick and efficient. In most cases more efficient than medication and or vet treatment.

Challenges on Farm

Scours in sheep – I remember two of the first times we really saw major results on stock animals very clearly. The first one was when a flock of the sheep Eric was managing at Banalasta Station, near Bendemeer in NSW, came down with scourers. It was a dietary scourers, not worm related. We decided we could use this opportunity to trial the remedies in the water trough. We used homeopathic Arsenicum and Nux Vomica. Putting a few drops of each remedy in every water trough the sheep had access to. The results were quick and profound. This way of farming naturally was very impressive for us.

Calving complications – A little while later during the calving season Eric rang to say he had a cow with retained placenta after they had to manually deliver her calf. They’d been trying for half an hour to release the placenta but it wasn’t happening and to put more stress on the situations the cow was rejecting her new calf, so there were bonding issues as well. After some research into the best remedy for the situation I saw the most amazing healing I’d ever experienced. Eric went to the headbail and dropped 2 drops of homeopathic Pulsatilla on the cows nose. Within the minute the cow had released and expelled her placenta. The next remedy we used was homeopathic Sepia to help her bond with her calf. Truly a beautiful and life changing experience for us.

At this point you get excited about the possibilities of farming naturally.

What else could we do with the amazing remedies?

During the 6 years when Eric managed Banalasta we used Pink eye Remedy to clear pinkeye from any of the cattle or sheep that presented with it. We also formulated a remedy to support the sheep post shearing and another that helped post weaning for mothers and babies. The stock were strong, fertile and bounced back from traumas quickly.

When we left Bendemeer in 2005 we moved to Canungra in the hinterland of the Gold Coast where Eric started a sheep dog training business. We quickly found that many people spent a lot of time and money at the vet with their dogs. This made us question what were we doing different that allowed us to deal with day to day issues with all our dogs without vet assistance? This was the catalyst for Heal with Ease to be created.

Eleven years later Heal with Ease is growing in ways we could never have imagined. We have basic remedies for every day farm issues like pink eye, three day sickness, foot abscess, injuries, infections, abscesses generally, farming naturally and so much more.