Energy Healing on Farms

Farming Naturally

The use of Energy Healing on farms and livestock is not new. It has just been overlooked for a long time. Using Energy Remedies such as Homeopathic remedies, Essences, Radonics and lots more, you can work at different levels. From the basic clinical the day to day, to major restoration of health and wellbeing.

“We are only limited by our imagination and the questions we ask.”

What does Heal with Ease offer farmers?

Energy remedies can help on farm, day to day and in emergencies.


With Major Restoration of Health and Wellbeing


The work Heal with Ease does on farms for the Soil and Stock are very new and interesting concept to most. We however have been working with these processes for 15 years.  The way we identify what issues  that need addressing and healing is unique to Heal with Ease. The results so far have been amazing, and while we still have lots to learn, we are on a very interesting path.

On the stock side, our clients have seen great long term benefits. We have helped them to resolve existing problems and find other methods to deal with on-going issues such as fertility, parasites and other health issues.

The work we have been doing clearing and healing the land and soil for our clients is relatively new to us.  So far, these farmers are seeing good results with both pastures and better animal health.

Our thought with the processes is, to find and clear hidden issues that are causing loss of health and production in the farming system. This gives people a good start into their journey of regenerative farming.  It definitely makes sense to heal your stock and your land before you put in a huge financial commitment with inputs, be they feed, fencing or other improvements.

As we say Heal before you Feed.