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I started using HEAL WITH EASE products in 2013 on my family and our dogs. The results were immediately astounding. I was so intrigued by the results I bought myself a farmer’s kit and started using the remedies on our cattle. We run approximately 350 breeders and now after 2 years, I would say that everything now has been treated with a remedy of some sort. Our operation does not allow a consistent routine with the remedies but the results have still impressed us. The reason I am writing this testimonial is we have just finished weaning and we could not get over how quiet and settled they were even during the weaning and the processing that they go through. The weaners maintained condition after being turned into the paddock. These weaners here are the progeny of the weaners that we first started treating over 2 years ago. We have not changed our operation except that every time the cattle come into the yards we spray them with remedies. Now we believe that these weaners are coping with life as we are releasing unnecessary baggage from them and from their mothers. Overall our cattle do not have the same temperament that they did before using HEAL WITH EASE products. Our cows seem to cycle earlier and we have higher conception rates, our heifers are also cycling earlier (we run Charolais so it is generally hard to get them to cycle at a young age) and our steers are more settled. We treat all our heifers after calving with the fertility remedies to help get ready for next time and help with milking and to help with the stress of labour. My husband who was quite unsure of all this at the beginning is now taking the remedies down to the yards with him. I have begun muscle testing now for what they need and the results are starting to come through. We hardly ever use penicillin and nearly go to say we have not used it in over a year (a little, maybe). I have been treating our bulls now as well and I hope to see a lot less broken down ones and higher conception in our cattle. If you release from the mother you had better do the father as well. I have only started this procedure in the last 3 months so I will be interested to see the results.

I am unsure how to relate the impact using these remedies has had on my family and animals but it has made a difference in the energy of the place. We (including the animals) are calmer, cope better with stress and can handle the difficult times with an ability to get back on track. The weaners that I am talking about went to a campdraft and they usually return home quite upset and agitated. These ones I walked home (about 1 km) and did not break a trot. I put them back in the yards again because I thought I better treat you even though they had been through the muster, being trucked twice and the dehydration and the chasing of them at the event. Well, let me tell you they walked up the race and I did not even shut the back gate on the force they just hung out there. I have no reason for this behaviour. All I know is that I am glad I decided to treat them once again.

Just a bit more on our heifers, we have had to pull a few calves and they have been difficult as the calves were just too big. I spray them immediately after the calf drops and then do the calves as well. We have had no mothering problems and we have not had to clean a heifer’s afterbirth since we use the remedies. The other day we had a calf that had been left too long and its head and tongue were quite swollen. We treated that calf and after 4-5 hours he was sucking. That really did blow us away.

Would it not be a great place if we could just slowly take the layers off without any fuss so we could go on living? These animals feel the same way. We raise these animals for consumption so I know I would rather eat animals that are carrying fewer stresses so I also do not carry theirs as well as mine.

Nancy Dent

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