Here’s a Story about our Fat Lamb.

On August 14-15th my husband walked a mob of recently purchased ewes (not bred by us) and lambs home to our farm.

It was a 10 km walk, where 3 lambs got stressed, miss mothered and became paralyzed in the legs.

Believing the Vaccines

I believed that the vaccines my husband used on them 3 weeks previously, the stress of the walk, the stress of being miss mothered and yarded is most likely to blame.

For this lamb, I worked with (Heal with Eases wonderful remedies I had on hand) Poison, detox, infection, inflammation and many more.

After a week in a cradle ( to lift the lamb of its legs) we moved the lamb from undercover and hand-feed it out on green grass.

It was sort of sitting at this stage but kept flipping over.
I kept working with the remedies, thinking brain inflammation was always what I was working to detox.

First, he gained his back legs, then he got one front leg working.
Then Cathy gave the lamb and a few other sick sheep a remedy or 2.

His 4th leg was a bit weak and not working properly for a few more days. By the weekend 15-16 days after the lamb got sick he could walk on his 4 legs.

The vaccine seems to be detoxing out through its skin in a couple of ulcerated areas on the front legs which is where my husband injects them.

Thankyou Heal with Ease for giving life when there could have been death.

Kind regards from
Julie McDonald (near) Horsham Victoria

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