Natural Healing for a little hen

I found our black hen all by herself hiding under the wisteria bush, when we were having our constant wet weather recently (March 2010). Her comb was very floppy and she looked unwell. So I decided to pick her up to get her to a dryer place. I must have put pressure on her crop when I picked her up as a large amount of liquid came out of her beak. Now I knew she was very unwell! I decided to ring Cathy and see if anything in my HWE kits could help. Luckily I had a remedy on hand to give her straight away, and Cathy also sent another single remedy in the mail that day for me to give as soon as it arrived.

Two days later she was still with us but not eating, and only opening her eyes when I went very close to her and made a loud noise. Cathy suggested another HWE remedy that I had at home.

A few days later I then decided to get the black hen out of her pen, as she didn’t look like she was moving around. She caught sight of the other chooks and to my surprise she decided to join the group and instantly started scratching around! I was amazed as she had shown no interest in eating up until now. I decided to let her stay with the group. She seemed to spend half the day sleeping in the hen house and the other half out with the hens. Each day she was sleeping less and less, and spending more times out with the others.

She slowly got over her illness, which I originally thought she would have had no hope of surviving considering the poor state she was in! Thanks again Cathy for your help and guidance. The remedies were was to give as I simply dribbled onto her beak and she stayed relaxed and took them well.

Sarah H., Tamborine, Qld

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