Natural Treatment for Footrot and Three day Sickness

We have had an interesting time of late. As you know several of the new cattle we purchased from NSW came down with foot rot after weeks and weeks (months) of rain. We treated the first three with antibiotics and they recovered in one day or two. But once the Heal with Ease remedies arrived I started treating the cattle with the drops instead. Any cattle showing any signs of limping I treated with the Abscess treatment for two days (morning and afternoon – a couple of drops on the nose) and then Travel Sickness remedy for two days (in the morning only – a couple of drops on the nose). They have all recovered well in two to three days. The younger heifers responded very quickly.

The cattle are much happier to get a back scratch and a couple of drops on their nose in the paddock. It is much easier – on them and us. Especially compared to rounding them up, forcing them through the crush and then giving them a rather heavy needle in either side of their rump. Giving them drops is ‘a walk in the park’ (or should I say paddock!).

Three days ago we had a cow showing definite signs of Three Day Sickness. I put two drops of the Fever remedy on her nose when she was laying down in a gully (struggling to get up). Then I left her overnight with a basin of water with three drops in it. The next morning the basin was empty, the cow was out of the gully and munching away up the hill with the rest of the herd! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a relief. This was one of the cows that had to deal with sore feet only weeks earlier (she got the needle poor thing).

So thank you very much for such wonderful products. Heal with Ease is a much friendlier, healthier and less expensive way of dealing with what were ongoing problems. It really has taken a lot of the worry out of it for us.

Kindest regards

Sunshine Coast

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