Saving Lamby

Julie sent us this lovely testimonial about a little lamb we saved through running healing plans.  The story is really quite sad with a happy ending.  Julie and her husband purchased a mob of ewes in lamb just prior to some cold wet weather arriving at their place.  It was a terrible time as she had sheep laying down everywhere – sick, cold and dying.

We ran a few plans on the ewes and their lambs as a whole and then one on just the lambs and finally this beautiful baby was done individually.  I know many farmers will think saving one little lamb isn’t worth the effort but after all Julie had been through with these sheep every baby was important.

Julie wrote us, “I contacted Cathy early June about Lamby who I thought was going to die. After being part of two other lamb plans and one for herself she is now thriving. From being a skinny, had pink eye and stiff knees and scouring lamb that could hardly stand up she is now healthy and thriving thanks to the wonderful remedies of Heal with Ease. Thank you.”

Julie McDonald


After Treatment

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