Returning Ted to his Cheeky Self

When I called Cathy I was absolutely desperate, as my 4yo goat Ted was dying. I had spent 2 weeks syringe feeding him electrolytes as often as I could during the day (hourly when possible) and then a few times overnight, every night. He hadn’t eaten in all that time no matter what I tried. He was dull and listless, just lying around grinding his teeth and in obvious distress. He had blood in his poo and had started to get diarrhea. He was terribly dehydrated no matter what I was doing.

He had seen the vet 3 times and had been pumped full of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, been drenched, been given paste for gut ulcers, probiotics and even had a bag of saline given intravenously. They wanted to vaccinate but I wasn’t having a bar of that as the last time he had been vaccinated as a kid (at their advice), it had resulted in me bringing him in 5 days later, completely limp in my arms and spending the night on a drip.

Absolutely nothing was helping and the vets had told me that there was nothing else they could do. I was so scared that we were going to lose him. We had rescued Ted from an abattoir when he was only 7 days old and he had paid for one of the vet’s cars back then.

But love, time and fierce determination kept him with us and he is a very special part of our family.

Ted Before

I sat with Ted while Cathy worked her amazing magic on him for his healing. I watched as he was “listening” to her. He pointed at his stomach with his nose and licked and chewed and grunted as he was conversing with her. He also gave me lots of kisses which made me very happy and a little teary. By the end, he stood up and seemed just ever so slightly brighter.

Cathy quickly called me with a report as he was as unwell as I had thought. She explained that she would have to keep working on him over the coming few days. By that evening, he was nibbling at his food and some grass and wandering around showing a bit more interest in things.

By the next day, he was so much better and actually ate a reasonable amount for breakfast and was moving around and looking quite normal. By that night, he was butting with his “big sister” Pepper. Within a few days of that initial call and treatment, Ted was absolutely back to his normal loving funny self.

Cathy has done a follow-up consult on Ted and we laughed that if he was operating at full hertz that he might be too naughty and cheeky to bear.

I honestly can’t thank Cathy enough for saving our boy. I know how close he was to leaving us, and her gift is so precious for helping all our animals and in turn us.

Ted After

From Colette Apted, Victoria

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