Hives Under Stress

By Eric Tighe
We are all hearing about the Bee Hive diseases Varroa Mite and Colony Collapse Disorder. This is quite disturbing as we all know how important Bees are for Life of all.

A strong healthy hive is resilient and able to cope, but a hive that is under stress is in danger of collapse.

Years ago I saw a study out of America saying that when they tested honey in some hives there was the residue of over 200 herbicides and pesticides. Now, this would have to take its toll on any immune system.

If you look at bees as individuals in a colony they all needed to be able to function, to do their roles for the colony to survive. They all have their roles, whether they’re cleaners, harvesters, carers or even the Queen. If one part of the team is off their game they are not in a fit state to compete with Viruses or Invaders. This leaves the hive open to trouble from the elements and other stresses, much like all living forms.

We also know that most man-made chemicals whether it’s pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or medications, have side effects and will cause issues with health and vitality.

Given that energy remedies are safe, effective, and will work on all life forms, why should a Bee Colony be any different? It’s all about building health, resilience and lifeforce, and helping them to have the strength to defend themselves.

So let’s get away from a reactive pattern of health and start working on building a system that will help us all long into the future.

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