Healing Stock and Properties – Case Study

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about what we do and some of the exciting changes we are making. Catherine and myself (Eric) Tighe, run Heal With Ease. This exciting young business has a passion for healing stock and properties

Below you will find a case study of a farming operation that we have been working with for a little over a year. Our congratulations go to Scott for persevering the process to get the results to this point, which we feel is still only the beginning. We have used some basic tools to start working on day to day issues with a more compassionate mindset, and some more advanced processes to work on the deeper long term issues.

The Beginning

Sick Lambs – May 2011

At this point, Scott’s farm and production system were in a lot of trouble with his older ewes not very well at all. Fertility had been down for quite a few years despite all his efforts; he had lost 500 of his 2,300 lambs to an unknown cause. He had asked a lot of experts for advice. Despite drenching and feeding a lot of extra feed and nutrients, the lambs were still dying. To make things worse, it had been one of the best seasons for a long time as far as weather and rainfall.


Scott’s farm is at Deepwater NSW, and over the last ten years, he has been running a cell/rotational mixed grazing practice. Over the years, as with most of these systems, water was run in troughs to several paddocks.

He had started with a little pasture and cropping and had tried liquid teas and composting at different points.

Breeding both Hereford cattle and Lorelmo blood Fine Wool sheep for many years, he was using good genetics with a very well thought out and established system. It should have been working as a model farm using up-to-date sustainable farming practices.

Despite all this and the paddocks carrying a good body of feed, the soil had been slow to respond and improve.

Lambs in 2012

Uncovering issues and managing holistically

When we came on board to help with the lambs’ health and review Scott’s systems, it appeared to all be okay. Since then, we have run several healing plans on his livestock focusing on health at the next level of awareness.

In our work, we holistically look at health, which is quite different from the norm. It was while conducting this process we came across a lot of underlying problems that were carried by the stock at a sub-clinical level and manifested. This allowed us to identify the bacteria’s that were causing health problems.

Once changes were made we saved the rest of his 2010 lambs and by November 2011 a fair percentage of them had reached good condition. The wether portion sold for very good money direct for slaughter.

Scanning in August 2011, we had picked up the ewe’s health which allowed a joining similar to the year before. They scanned at 80% in lamb and a very small amount of twinners. We had a way to go.

Positive results

Shearing went well and once lambing started, it was noted that his lambs had a real want to live. A higher percentage than usual survived to mark and they did well right through to weaning. Continues changes and slowly working deeper into the health of his 2010 drop ewes, they haven’t been drenched since January and his older ewes since March. Which in the New England wormy country is quite an achievement. With the older ewes having had a huge gain in their fertility rate lifting to 97%, with 12% twiners.

The young ewes still have a way to go, coupled with the limited numbers to do classing on these sheep. As numbers were needed after such a major loss the year before.

We know that some of this information is subjective but the results were very positive. The ewes have grown more wool, are in better condition, eating less, showing more worm resilience and a 17% increase in fertility in the older ewes.

We are currently running soil trials on Scott’s paddocks with initial results very promising.

Working with our understandings and testing procedures we are continuing to fine-tune and improve Scott’s productions systems. Shedding light on a lot of the limiting factors and offering some answers.

We have many years of experience managing properties. Always looking at the best systems for gaining and maintaining stock and property health in a sustainable process. We are still growing and learning but so far we are making good progress.

Whether you are running a conventional system or looking to change to an organic farming system. Looking at health in a different light will help to bridge the gaps that are affecting all our bottom lines.

Energy remedies are an allowable input in organic farming.

By Eric Tighe, Heal with Ease

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